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Congratulations and Thank You for providing and hosting the best Eric Lewis and Friends Labor Day Concert in years! The entire evening was perfect including the talented Birthday Boy pre-show guitarist--and roasted corn. You all have been such an asset to Door County for so many years and we appreciate all you do. Thanks also for "rescuing" our reserved seats. We will be providing you with more Maidens Blush Apple Sauce soon. Fondly, Carole and Jim M.

Forever Grateful & Brian Pier Gallery
Forever Grateful and Brian Pier Gallery

Forever Grateful & Brian Pier Gallery
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John Ford-Coley at Fishstock
John Ford-Coley

Well into its performance season which started on June 30, Fishstock Concert Series featured a performance by singer-songwriter John Ford-Coley on Sunday, August 4. Well-known as half of the Grammy-nominated duo England Dan and John Ford Coley, who had several extremely popular songs in the 1970’s and early 80’s, Coley put on quite a show for a near-full house on that beautiful Sunday evening. The classically trained on piano and an avid guitarist was engaging, funny, and had the audience singing along to songs like Some Things Don’t Come Easy and Just Tell Me You Love Me.

John Ford-Coley: Fishstock Screen
John Ford-Coley: Fishstock Screen

Concerts at Fishstock are held in a 100-year-old Door County barn which seats 300 in the ground-level area and 150 in the hayloft acoustic area. The ground-level can also seat an additional 300 in the outside area. With modern lighting and sound systems and a digital projector that relays the stage view for outdoor viewing, Fishstock hosts an incredible line-up of musical artists during its summer seasons.

John Ford-Coley Main Stage
John Ford-Coley Main Stage

When arriving at Fishstock, follow the parking signs into a huge parking lot field. There is plenty of signage and a lighted path to the concert entrance at the back of the barn. Purchasing tickets online prior to arrival is encouraged, but you may buy tickets at the ticket booth as well. The grounds at Fishstock, otherwise known as Camp David, are vast and beautiful, with flower gardens, wild fields, chickens running around, and an old farmhouse and barn outbuildings.

Fishstock Concert Series features a wide variety of musical genres, including folk, gospel, bluegrass, jazz, flamenco, blues, reggae, or good old rock n’ roll. When Fishstock first began over 20 years ago, folk music was the primarily focus. Over the years, the popular venue has matured – from a gathering spot for Door County youth and free-spirits – to a well-respected concert series featuring award-winning musicians, local artists, and show recordings released as live albums.

Steve Ellmann, Fishstock’s owner, takes great pride in his property and what it has become over the last 20+ years. The experience that is Fishstock is not quite like any other in Door County. Watching a show in the historic barn is special; it’s a unique, personal experience that you won’t soon forget.

Fishstock offers coffee, iced tea, and soft drinks free of charge during concert breaks. The concert donation is $25 for reserved tickets and $20 for general admission for adults. Children under 12 are free. Fishstock t-shirts and hats are available for purchase at the ticket booth.

By Laurel Ciohon, Door County Today | Photos Credit: Laurel Ciohon

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